Identity as a story

As part of Wongdoody we at oddity waves are specialized on cgi & film production, developing state of the art content on the latest trends. From content formats for the digital channels, TV and DooH, 3D and motion design to interactive live communication and real-time applications. With our design and Unreel teams, we create access to a new, interactive experience for brands and products for the next generation of the internet.

What we do
3D/CGI/Motion Design
How can we create content virtually?
Do you know the power of film?
Smart Content
Is video meant to be social?
Interactive Live Communication
We create touchpoints: with stories written by brands.


Let's shape the future together. In an international, value-oriented environment – for unique brands.

Meet our leadership team

Christian Gölz

Managing Partner
oddity waves

Bianca Mack

Executive Director Motion Picture
oddity waves

Torben Pauschinger

Director 3D/Motion Design
oddity waves

Michael Duldner

Technical Director 3D
oddity waves

Philipp Koblmiller

Director Producing – Interactive Live Communication
oddity waves

Florian Wondrak

Director Creativ Concept
oddity waves

Viktoria Steudemann

Director Producing
oddity waves

Frank Schmidt

Expert 3D / Motion Design
oddity waves


Film production with high information security standards. oddity waves has been TISAX participant since 2018. This standard for information security was defined for the sensitive automotive industry, ensuring that results meet quality targets while protecting the rights and obligations of the participants. TISAX is a registered trademark and governed by ENX Association.